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Spring 2007

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Table of Contents:

From the Director: Library as a Place (Robin Wagner, Dan DeNicola); College Acquires Eisenhower Correspondence; It’s All in the Family (Steve Yingling ’73, Randy Yingling ’81, Jake Yingling ’52, Cindy Eni ’79, Marianne Miller ’79, Randy Yingling ’10, Tyler Yingling ’07); Who was Dillon Anderson?; Coming Full Circle: Recollections of Gettysburg’s First Women Students (Margaret Rebecca Himes 1894, John Himes 1870, Charles August Hay 1839); Music at Musselman (Kathleen Sasnett); Fortenbaugh Music Interns (Katie MacKeller ’08, Beth Boisvert ’08, Tim Sestrick); Notes at Noon (Tim Sestrick); Music Students Listen to the Classics (Sharon Gratto); Hidden Talents: “The Watercolors of Carrol Hoover”; Library Co-Sponsors Book Discussion and Author Visit (Leo Yip); Exhibit of College’s 175th Anniversary; Gettdigital: Civil War Era Digital Collection Expands; Brian Lovett Tribute; Cuc Nguyen Tribute; Library Participates In Community Outreach Symposium; Special Collections: Children’s Book Display; Book Cart Drill Team Forms; Exhibit: Faces of Singapore (Voon Chin Phua); Archives Exploration is Intern’s Focus (Krystal Thomas ’07); Focus on Philanthropy: Remembering a Professor who Inspired a Love of Literature (Ted Baskerville, Janet Stavropoulos ’67, Nancy DiBlasi Wennberg ’78, Steven J. Wennberg ’78); Homer Tope Rosenberger Collection (Lyle Rose ’09, Stephen Kaiser ’09, Andrew Royer ’09, Karen Drickamer, Michael Birkner ’72); Spotlight on Collecting: FoML Funds Rare Purchases (John A. Himes 1870); Audio Books Available


Edited by Robin Wagner and Sunni DeNicola