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Spring 2006

Department 1



Table of Contents:

From the Director: 25th Anniversary (Matt Harris ’83, Jenniger Pollock ’06); Unveiling the Past: Hidden Treasures of the Gettysburg College Asian Art Collection (Molly Hutton, Dr. Frank H. Kramer ’14); Music at Musselman: Smithsonian Global Sound; Just What is a Music Librarian? (Tim Sestrick); Spotlight on Collecting: Lincoln Sermons (Karen Drickamer, John Barnett); Focus on Philanthropy; Spring Blooms at Musselman Library (Pat Henry ’71); Library news: BoNanas, Muscle Man, Hoch’s Book, Mashiko Potters, One Book, Summer Reads (Gabor Borrit, Dr. Bradley Hoch); GettDigital: Gettysburgian; Library acquires Early American Newspapers; Coming This Fall: Jewish Literature (Stephen Stern, Janelle Wertzberger); Hidden Talents (Kay Etheridge); Clowning Around with Jeffrey Gabel; Where Are They Now? Holley Interns (Molly Thomas Larkin ’98, Kelly Kemp Spies ’99, Jennifer Chesnet Harp ’03, Meggan Emler Smith ’04, Jason Kowell ’05); Intern Delves Into College History (Nicole Lenart ’06); Replicas of Remington’s Bronzes on Display (Molly Hutton)


Edited by Robin Wagner and Sunni DeNicola