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Table of contents: From the Director: Primary Source Materials (Robin Wagner); Students Create Cabinets of Wonder (Emily Francisco ’14, Jill Duranko ’14, Kay Etheridge, Felicia Else, Josh Poorman ’13, Danielle Berardinelli ’13); 30 Treasures Book Wins Awards (Emily Wass); Visitors from Middle East Give Civil War Era Artifacts (Janet Morgan Riggs ’72); Focus on Philanthropy: Donald Brett and Eisenhower memorabilia; Research Reflections: To the Gallows – Manual of Chemistry by John W. Webster (Michel R. Wedlock); Classes visit Special Collections (Carolyn Sautter, William Bowman, Kristen Trout ’15, David Booz, Karen Pinto, Leslie Wallace); Alumnus Donates Native American Lithographs (Geoffrey Jackson ’91); Katalysine Springs (Marianne Larkin ’71, Andrew Dalton); GettDigital: Music at Gettysburg College (Timothy Sestrick, Keith Gromis ’13); Library Launches The Cupola (Francesca DeBiaso ’12, Janelle Wertzberger, Matthew Carlson ’12, Dan DeNicola); Library on Facebook; Extra Illustrated History of Cumberland (Maryland) etc. by Will H. Lowdermilk (Geoffrey Jackson ’91, Devin McKinney); Librarians Test E-Readers (Janelle Wertzberger); Tribute to Charles H. Glatfelter ’46 (Michael Birkner ’72); Clara Barton Letter Purchased with Drickamer Fund (Karen Drickamer); George C. Maharay as Author of History Books (Ed Maharay, Janet Hancock Maharay ’39, Jennifer Olson ’04); Civil War Institute Donates Lincoln Prize Books; Oral History Endowment Established (G. Kenneth Newbould ’31; Mary J. Newbold, Kenneth H. Newbold ’58, Catherine Perry); artiFACTS Offers Quick Response (QR)


Edited by Robin Wagner and Sunni DeNicola