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Spring 2014

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Table of Contents: From the Director: Peer Research Mentors (Robin Wagner); Price of Freedom Diorama (Bill Cleary); Focus on Philanthropy (Jim Vinson ’63 and Susan Vinson); Story Behind Gray’s Anatomy; Phoenix and the Dragon: Embodiments of Yin and Yang Online Exhibit (Megan Blount ‘14); “The Lost Year” - Donation Illustrates the Integration Crisis in Little Rock (John Carland); Interesting Reading at Next Page (John Commito, Erin Duran, Jan Powers, Dave Flesner, Ed Riggs ’77); GettDigital – The World War I Letters of John Alexander Kinnear (Dori Gorczyca ’15); Amputation Saws, Scalpels and Bullet Extractors, Battlefield Medicine Exhibit (Natalie Sherif ’14); World War I Poster Art and Toys (Lynda Taylor, Lawrence Taylor, Randy Prasse); Robert C. Nordvall Fund for Italian Studies (Bob Nordvall); Featured Fund (Edred J. Pennell 1912, Ruth Pennell, Edred Pennell Jr. ’44, Richard Pennell ’46, Mary Pennell); On Exhibit (Robert Patierno); Library Remembers D-Day with Exhibit of Oral Histories; 1855 Graduate’s Remembrance Album Offers Rare Signatures (William C. Wright ’61, Jacob Rinehart 1855); You’ve Gotta Read This; Research Reflections: Portrait of Martin Luther (Baird Tipson); New e-Collections; Italian Families Discover Childhood Photo in Friends Newsletter (Albert Chance, Barbara Hall); Alumni Class Rare Books - A Peek Inside the Covers


Edited by Robin Wagner & Sunni DeNicola