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Spring 2011

Department 1



From the Director: 30th Anniversary (Robin Wagner); 30th Anniversary Then and Now Stories: E-Brary, Blogging the Library, Ask Us, New Items RSS Feeds, Mobile-Friendly Site; GettDigital: It Takes a Village of Students (Josh Stewart ’11, Kendra Elliston ’14, Val Merlina ’14, Lisa Ungemach ’11, Laura Heffner, Carolyn Sautter); Gettflix (Tim Sestrick, Kathleen Sasnett); 30 Treasures Announced (Tim Shannon); Exhibits: 30 Years Ago; Alumnus Timothy J. Orr Used Special Collections to Write Civil War Book (Timothy J. Orr ’01, Melodie Foster ’99); Students Observe Library Sub-Culture (Amy Young, Dominique Rennel ’11, Maureen Thon ’11, Kara Tzinivis ’11) Bookmaking Class for Alumni (Christine Ameduri); Cupcakes for Student Break (Laura Heffner) Focus on Philanthropy: The Next Generation (Linda Thompson, Lisa Ungemach ’11, Sierra Green ’11, Thomas Grubbs ’12, Thomas Lester ‘11); Karen Drickamer Retiring (Karen Drickamer); World’s Smallest Book


Edited by Robin Wagner and Sunni DeNicola