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Spring 2016

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From the Dean (Robin Wagner)

Library Receives 9/11 Commission Papers (Fred Fielding '16)

Library News

Digital Scholarship Fellows

From Paupers to Presidents

Fair Use Week

Reading About Race

Student Workers Save the Day (Nadia Romero Nardelli '19)

Life in the Fishbowl (Brittany Barry '17)

In Memory of Douglas R. Price; Former Aide to Eisenhower

Special Purchases

From the Piano Bench (Jay P. Brown ’51, Doug Brouder ’83, Julie Caterson ’84 and Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fiery)

Research Reflections: The Spirit of Gettysburg (Timothy Sestrick)

Gift of Art

Old Gettysburg Back to Thee (Jenna Fleming '16, Avery Fox '16, Melanie Fernandes '16)

Letter Describes Caribbean Slavery (Janet ’39 and George Maharay)

Special Connections (Marion Jones Schlack '52 and Reverend Theodore Schlack ’50)

Focus on Philanthropy: Carol Dunlap Billings '63

Alumni Establish Glatfelter Internship (Charles H. Glatfelter, Barbara Holley '54, James Madison '66)

GettDigital: Glatfelter's Salutary Influence

Recollections (James Madison '66)

Friends Fund New Study Spaces


Edited by Robin Wagner & Sunni DeNicola