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Fall 2019

Department 1



From the Dean (Robin Wagner)

Library News

  • Cite and Bite Workshops
  • Open Access Week (Janelle Wertzberger, Alecea Standlee, Hana Huskic)
  • Notes at Noon
  • Friends Sponsor Guild Participation (Mary Wootton)
  • Stop the Bleed
  • The Wall Must Go
  • Story Time
  • Table to Farm
  • Pop-up Library
  • Take the Reading Challenge
  • 1,000,000
  • Grant to Digitize Asian Art

Vietnam Oral Histories (Ron Bailey '67, Sue Hill '67, Michael Birkner, Devin McKinney)

Alexander von Humboldt's Secretary (William Bowman)

Focus on Philanthropy: Walter Miller Trust

A Gift in 3 Dimensions (Richard C. Ryder '70)

Remembering Richard Ryder '70 (Michael Birkner)

New Externship - Careers in Library and Information Science (Camille Minns '20, Jivan Kharel '20)

Textbook Affordability is a Workshop Topic (Janelle Wertzberger)

Candid Camera (Dwight Eisenhower, Willard Paul, William C. Darrah)

GettDigital: Rooted in Memory

Uncovering Shakespeare's Sisters (Suzanne Flynn)

Touchdown: First Year Athletes Trade Field for Library (Betsy Bein, John Dettinger)

Recent Additions: World War II - Photographs and Memorabilia (William Millar '54, Walter Lane, Gerald Royals '52, Donald Gallion '48, Ralph Edgar Peters, Burdette J. Marker)

Alumnus Donates Trade Cards (Gary Thompson '69)


Edited by Robin Wagner.