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Spring 2020

Department 1



From the Dean (Robin Wagner)

Library News

  • Mini-Golf
  • Get Acquainted Day
  • Edible Books Festival Moves Online! (Kim Longfellow '16)

What do librarians do when a campus suddenly closes? (Janelle Wertzberger)

Blotchy Scribblings and Spider-like Initials (Jim Ramos, Carolyn Sautter)

Boxed Belongings (Natalie Hinton)

Notes from the Field (Kerri Odess-Harnish)

Who is helping you via email, chat & text with those questions? Our awesome librarians & sometimes their pets! (Kevin Moore)

ZOOM: Teaching Moves Online (Kevin Moore, Mallory Jallas, Clint Baugess)

Vietnam (Devin McKinney)

Quarantined on Campus (Betsy Bein, Chakriya Ou, ’23, Dung Doan, ’23, Precious Ozoh, ’20)

Conservation in the Age of Lock Down (Mary Wootton, Abigail Coakley ’20)

Documenting COVID-19: Primary Sources for the Future (Amy Lucadamo ’00, Maci Mark ’21)

Campus Quarantines (Carolyn Sautter)

Library Bookshelf

  • Reading Without Walls
  • Pandemic Book Club (Janelle Wertzberger)

Rev. John Vannorsdall (1924–2020) (Rev. John W. Vannorsdall)

Alumni Reminiscences (Edson Whitney ‘70, Rev. Donna Schaper ’69, Mike Hobor ‘69, Richard Hutch ‘67)

Focus on Philanthropy: Robert Eastlack (Robert Eastlack '70, John Eastlack ‘42, Carolyn Sautter)

Through Our Eyes: A Digital Exhibition (R.C. Miessler, Austin Stiegemeier, Emma Lewis ’20)

Battlefield Bingo (Kevin Aughinbaugh ’18)

Nurses on the Front Lines

Can You Piece It Together? (Amy Lucadamo '00)


Edited by Robin Wagner.