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Spring 2021

Department 1



From the Dean (Robin Wagner)

Library News

  • DEI Read & Learn
  • Library and Gallery Collaborate on Grant
  • Research 101 Connects with First-year Students
  • Exhibit: Change Happens Here
  • Exhibit: From Mud Hole to Musselman
  • Exhibit: Stargazing
  • Library Cookies

History of Library Locations

First Library

Flashback: Quarantine

Witness Books (Beth Carmichael)

Flashback: Censorship

Schmucker Library Memories (Michael J. Birkner)

Library Leadership

  • John H. Knickerbocker (1929-1959) (Amy Lucadamo)
  • Lillian Smoke (1959-1974) (Sallie Harris Kahler '72)
  • James Richards (1974-1983) (David T. Hedrick)
  • Willis Hubbard (1983-1994) (Robin Wagner)

Hugh Newell Jacobsen: Traditionalist and Innovator (Devin McKinney)

Move In Memories

  • Meaningful Community Building Event (Ron Couchman)
  • Amazing Doughnuts (Darryl Jones)
  • A Library in the Middle of Campus (Charles Glassick, President emeritus)
  • Sense of Awe (Jean S. LeGros '73)
  • Logistics (Anna Jane Moyer)
  • "We Can Do This" Was Mood of the Day (Janet M. Powers)
  • More Reminiscences
  • Charlie's Barn (Kathleen Toal '81)
  • Accomplish the Impossible (Kathleen Stewart '82)

Schmucker Hall Becomes the New Home of Musicians and Artists (John (Buzz) Jones)

Traces of the Former Library (Shannon Egan)

Exposed Façade (Tina Gebhart)

Library Bookshelf (Beth Carmichael)

At the Pictures: Libraries on the Silver Screen (James Udden)

  • The Best and the Worst (Robin Wagner)
  • Don't-Miss Documentary

College Publications: Two Books of Influence (John E. Rogers)

First Intern: Juanita Winston Mims

Recent Acquisitions

Christmas in March

Nation's Business Mystery Solved

Focus on Philanthropy: William C. Wright

In Memoriam

  • Buddy Glover, 1949-2021
  • Ruthe Fortenbaugh Craley, 1928-2021
  • Donald C. Brett, 1934-2021


Edited by Robin Wagner