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Spring 2009

Department 1



Table of Contents:

From the Director: How Library is Fairing in Tough Economy and Gift Appreciation (Robin Wagner); Student Exhibit: Anukul Gurung ‘09 Kathmandu, Nepal; Library Helps Student Charities (Angela Chongpinitchai ’09); Save the Date: Bill McKibben; Exhibits: “Discover other Worlds”; Hidden Talents: Images of Italy by Dan DeNicola; Alumnus Donates Over 800 Books (Fred Wright Hopkins Jr. ’56); Focus on Philanthropy: Harlowe DeForest Hardinge (Tim Shannon); GettDigital: Travel Back to 1924 Gettysburg; Gett Down With Your Funky Shelf (Anskar Fosse ’11, Patricia Veasey ’11) Alumni Collector: A Tribute to Rev. Frederick S. Weiser (Reverend Fredrick Weiser ’57); George Sweet Tribute (Michael Birkner ’72, George Henderson Sweet ’42, Donald Sweet ’49, Eleanor Westlake ’45); Unusual and Unexpected in Special Collections; Music at Musselman: Simple Gifts & Caveman (Kathleen Sasnett, Daniel Levitov, Scott Crowne, Ken Bell); Book Check Out Machine; “I Love My Librarian” Award (Elaine McIlroy, Larry Marschall); Exhibits: Southwest China Images (Barbara Sommer); Study Space Virtual Visitors from Around the World; 24/7 Reference Service; American Civil War: Photographs, Posters and Ephemera; 3 Fortenbaugh Interns (Andrew Royer ’09, Chris Merkle ’11, Liz Johns ’10); Lecture by Author of Exiles in America; International Year of Astronomy( Larry Marschall); Library Participates in Wellness Fair; Librarians Offer Alumni Class; Uncle Bob Light Bulbs (Chris Ameduri)


Edited by Robin Wagner and Sunni DeNicola