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Fall 2008

Department 1



Table of Contents:

From the Director: Library’s Work with Student Employees and Interns (Barbara Holley ’54, Robert Fortenbaugh ’44, Esther Kenyon Fortenbaugh ’46); Larry Marschall’s Rainbow Shot; Library Improving User Services (Lisa McNamee, Mary Evangaliste, Gale Baker); Torn Asunder and Reunited: The American Past and Lincoln (William C. Wright ’61, Joshua Stuart ’11); Music at Musselman: Quintet; Save the Date: Torn Asunder; Richard Sautter Portrays James E. Murdoch; LibGuides; Digital Signage; Hidden Talents (John Regentin); Exhibits: Student’s Galapagos Adventure (Stephanie Molina ’09); Report of Gifts 2007-2008; Focus on Philanthropy: The China Collections (Mike Hobor ’69 and Nancy Hobor); Gettysburg Memorabilia; Library Goes Green; Book Cart Drill Team Halloween; Paula Poundstone; Head Lock Sculpture (Walner Edmond); MP3 Books (Abdallah Almomani ’12); GettDigital: Civil War Era & Cyclorama; Fortenbaugh Intern (Desiree Koser ’08, Ian Andrew Isherwood '00); Holley Intern (Kayla Lenkner ’08): Eisenhower Goes Online (Karen Drickamer); Presidential Cut-Outs; Library Fire Prevention (Leah Sigle '08, Ron Parr, Amy Ward); Friends Supply Lockers


Edited by Robin Wagner and Sunni DeNicola