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As part of a new global climate initiative, the United States very one Atlanta based Delta Airlines has recently announced to the world they will be embarking on an initiative to provide a never-before-seen technique of air travel; Completely carbon-neutral air transport and net-zero carbon emissions across all operational sectors of their fleet by 2050. Delta Airlines has now become the first official United States-based airline to promise net-zero carbon flying to the entire public within the next few decades, and the airline is set on being the catalyst in generating positive change for the United States aviation industry and its impact on the environment, domestically and beyond.

In pursuit of this major climate policy, Delta Airlines has showcased its goal to provide carbon-neutral flying as a revolutionary change that has been much needed for many decades. As the airline has decided to set its fiscal and corporate efforts into addressing many of the world's increasingly unregulated climate emissions, Delta believes that this step in pursuing clean flying is just one way the airline can help to do its part in helping to reduce the transportation sectors global carbon footprint. Moving with speed and efficiency, Delta airlines has since implemented a cohesive and theoretically sound policy objective in pursuing net-zero carbon emissions in all finite areas of operations for their set deadline of 2050. The airline's blueprint and infrastructural overhaul are deeply highlighted in many policies analysis papers released by their corporate headquarters, as the allocation of investment, the altering of operational changes, and all worldwide airport operations and employees alike will be affected by this new airline climate policy.