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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2006


People often do not see what is right in front of them; objects that are passed by everyday are often unnoticed. People are not necessarily unobservant, but are probably more absorbed with their own activities. One object that is hidden in plain sight on the Gettysburg College campus is the portrait of Professor Edward S. Breidenbaugh that hangs in the Science Center. The name Breidenbaugh is commonly known amongst the students at Gettysburg because of the building in his name, Breidenbaugh Hall. However, the history behind Breidenbaugh and his portrait is not as commonly known as the name, but is important in understanding his influence at Gettysburg College. [excerpt]

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  • Course Title: HIST 300: Historical Method
  • Academic Term: Fall 2006
  • Course Instructor: Dr. Michael J. Birkner '72

Hidden in Plain Sight is a collection of student papers on objects that are "hidden in plain sight" around the Gettysburg College campus. Topics range from the Glatfelter Hall gargoyles to the statue of Eisenhower and from historical markers to athletic accomplishments. You can download the paper in pdf format and click "View Photo" to see the image in greater detail.


Gettysburg College, Edward S. Breidenbaugh Hall, Breidenbaugh Hall


History | United States History

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Science Center

Portrait of Professor Breidenbaugh