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Fall 2005


At the corner of Carlisle and Lincoln Streets there is an original 12-pounder Napoleon that stands guard over a granite monument. The monument is just one of the monuments to numerous artillery batteries that fought at the battle of Gettysburg. So what makes this monument so unique that warrants a paper written on it? According to the monument this battery, “engaged the enemy with great gallantry.” Thus their deeds at Gettysburg should not go unnoticed. Also the monument lies on the campus of Gettysburg College, and many college students are unaware of the events that went on upon this campus on the day of July1-3, 1863. This monument is not just some small monuments that you see on the battlefield; this is a large and impressive monument. But what about this monument, a monument to Battery K of the 1st Ohio Light Artillery, what is their story, and how did they get to be on a spot in the northern corner of our campus. Why did these men from Ohio end up all the way in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania? The story of Battery K at Gettysburg is a story that is very intense one although the regiment only fought here for half an hour. [excerpt]

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  • Course Title: HIST 300: Historical Method
  • Academic Term: Fall 2005
  • Course Instructor: Dr. Michael J. Birkner '72

Hidden in Plain Sight is a collection of student papers on objects that are "hidden in plain sight" around the Gettysburg College campus. Topics range from the Glatfelter Hall gargoyles to the statue of Eisenhower and from historical markers to athletic accomplishments. You can download the paper in pdf format and click "View Photo" to see the image in greater detail.


Gettysburg College, Hidden in Plain Sight, Battle of Gettysburg, Battery K, 1st Ohio Light Artillery, 12-pound Napoleon


Public History | United States History

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Huber Hall

The Battery K, 1st Ohio Light Artillery Monument