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Spring 2016

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In American media, the term "sharia law" is repetitively used as a reason behind practices and actions linked to Islam which would be considered counter to Western morals. The term "sharia" is first clarified as having many definitions, but in legal terms each Islamic nation has their own version of "sharia." Child marriage is one of many topics often blamed on "sharia" and this essay attempts to debunk the Western portrayal of "sharia" by exploring the reality of child marriage in some Islamic nations. The examples depict both situations in which the people, despite the laws, are actively keeping this practice in place and a disconnect between child marriages and a lack of access to education for women. In conclusion, there is a variance between the depiction of "sharia law" in the media and the reality of "sharia" in many Islamic nations.


This paper was written for Professor Amy Evrard's course, ANTH 218: Islam and Women, Spring 2016.

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