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Updates on training and support and useful pedagogical resources compiled and sent by the JCCTL on August 3, 2020.


Weekly Updates

  • Slides on trauma-informed teaching strategies
  • JCCTL Resilient Pedagogy Grant
  • Creating inclusive curricula

Reading Suggestions

  • Siena College report on physically distanced classroom
  • Karen Costa's post on trauma-informed teaching
  • Comprehensive guide on trauma-informed practices in post-secondary education

Upcoming Events

  • Exploring Research-Based, Inclusive Curricula for the Online or In-Person Classroom
  • IT classroom training sessions
  • Microsoft Team training
  • Introductory Zoom training
  • Ensemble Video Training
  • Frustrated with Forums?

Other Announcements

  • Teaching and Learning Online
  • Basic Moodle training

Additional Files

08-03-2020 Slides.pdf (1337 kB)