Lauren H. Roedner '13, Gettysburg College

Angelo Scarlato

Scott Hancock, Gettysburg College

Jordan G. Cinderich '15, Gettysburg College

Tricia M. Runzel '13, Gettysburg College

Avery C. Lentz '14, Gettysburg College

Brian D. Johnson '14, Gettysburg College

Lincoln M. Fitch '14, Gettysburg College

Michele B. Seabrook '13, Gettysburg College



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Based on the exhibit Slaves, Soldiers, Citizens: African American Artifacts of the Civil War Era, this book provides the full experience of the exhibit, which was on display in Special Collections at Musselman Library November 2012- December 2013. It also includes several student essays based on specific artifacts that were part of the exhibit.

Table of Contents:

Introduction Angelo Scarlato, Lauren Roedner ’13 & Scott Hancock

Slave Collars & Runaways: Punishment for Rebellious Slaves Jordan Cinderich ’14

Chancery Sale Poster & Auctioneer’s Coin: The Lucrative Business of Slavery Tricia Runzel ’13

Isaac J. Winters: An African American Soldier from Pennsylvania Who Fought at Petersburg Avery Lentz ’14

Basil Biggs: A Prominent African American in Gettysburg after the Battle Lauren Roedner ’13

Linton Ingram: A Former Slave Who Became a Notable African American Educator in Georgia Brian Johnson & Lincoln Fitch ’14

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Theatre Poster: Racism in Post-Emancipation Entertainment Michelle Seabrook ’13

Essay Bibliographies

Grand Army of the Republic

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Gettysburg College, Musselman Library, Slaves, Slavery, United States Colored Troops, USCT, Civil War, African Americans, Emancipation, Citizenship, Freedom, Suffrage


African American Studies | African History | Cultural History | History | Military History | Political History | Public History | Race and Ethnicity | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies | Social History | United States History


The exhibit showcased items from Angelo Scarlato's personal collection of Civil War, Slavery, United States Colored Troops, Gettysburg, and West Point artifacts.

The exhibit was curated by Lauren H. Roedner '13 in conjunction with her senior capstones in History and Africana Studies.

Selected student papers were graciously provided by the students of Professor Scott Hancock's course, Slavery, Rebellion and Emancipation in the Atlantic World in the Spring of 2013.

Slaves, Soldiers, Citizens: African American Artifacts of the Civil War Era