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I’m a sophomore English w/ Writing Concentration and Women and Gender Studies Major, as well as a Japanese minor. When I was growing up, my public library was a place of refuge and exploration, but it I didn’t exactly consider a profession in the library sciences until recently. As I grew from a book-devouring child to a book-devouring teenager, I realized I was beginning to fall out of love with libraries, and I couldn’t exactly pen why. When I examined the root of my sudden falling out, I found a strange answer; my public and high school libraries didn’t have a very diverse catalog that represented my interest, and the protagonists and authors inside their books weren’t exactly reflective of who I was. But thankfully, that all changed when I came to college, and my love for the architecture and catalogue of Musselman Library was actually one of the reasons I chose to come here! [excerpt]


The Interns at Gettysburg College’s Musselman Library captured their internship experiences since the spring of 2011. Over time the blog has featured Fortenbaugh, Smith, and Holley interns. They shared updates on semester long projects, responded to blogging prompts, and documented their individual intern experience.