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Hello! On Tuesday I finally finished processing and organizing my first collection. On the left is my finished product, all labeled and organized. Processing this collection was a very enjoyable experience for me–I feel that I am the expert on this collection. Throughout the process it was sometimes difficult to know how to group some of the items. Certain things, like meeting minutes, are easy to group together. Some things like handwritten notes or various articles are more difficult to group. If the notes contain a wide variation in subject matter, it might be better to group them into several groups according to subject. However, if there are only a few pages of notes, it might be easier to group them together and indicate their subject matter on the folder in which they are placed. [excerpt]


The Interns at Gettysburg College’s Musselman Library have been capturing their internship experiences since the spring of 2011. Blogging the Library has evolved since the first post. Early posts up through 2013 are available on Blogger, and more recent posts can be seen on WordPress.

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