On with the Show! Open Access Publishing as a Local Production

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What do I need to know to launch an institutional repository at my school or continue growing the one I already have? How do I talk to my provost, faculty, administration, and library staff about the IR? Where will funding and staffing come from and how do I ensure their stability? Most institutional repository managers have likely asked themselves these questions at some point, and while the answers vary from institution to institution, many widely applicable best practices have still emerged.

A successful institutional repository manager has to be a jack-of-all-trades: someone who has a vision for the services the IR can provide and a gift for telling that story in a way that connects with different audiences. At Gettysburg College, Janelle Wertzberger, Director of Reference and Instruction at the Gettysburg College Library, has developed fresh ideas and compelling advice for anyone who is looking for effective ways of setting goals, measuring success, and reporting that success to stakeholders and contributors.


bepress Digital Commons webinar presented 12-5-13