If you build it, they will come (if you invite them thoughtfully): Institutional Repositories in Academic Libraries

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The road to a successful institutional repository is a long and involved one - so where would an interested library begin? What are some important initial considerations? What options exist for repository platforms? Eric Jeitner will discuss some of those considerations, as well as the methodology used to decide on the staging for Arcadia University's ScholarWorks repository.

After picking a platform, decisions must be made about what work belongs in your IR, and why. How can librarians build campus awareness about open access? Who should be promoting your IR? Janelle Wertzberger will talk about the education and outreach efforts that contributed to early and broad participation by faculty and student authors at Gettysburg College. Less than two years after Gettysburg College launched its institutional repository, The Cupola contains over 1,100 items.

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Only the second half of the panel presentation is represented here ("...they will come" by Janelle Wertzberger).

Presented at the Pennsylvania Library Association College & Research Division Annual Meeting, Arcadia University, Glenside, PA, May 30, 2014.