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Book Summary: Churches in the U.S. are grappling with unprecedented change. Financial challenges, globalization, the digital revolution and church-dividing topics are taking a toll on the institution and membership. Americans are increasingly not affiliating themselves with any religion, including one third of adults under 30.

In light of all this, what is the future of the churches? In For Such a Time as This: Young Adults on the Future of the Church, Christian young adults offer an invigorating, new, and timely word on issues such as eco-justice, immigration, interfaith relations, peace and justice, and inclusivity of those on the margins.

Lohre and her contributors -- representing a broad spectrum of cultures, races, and Christian traditions -- offer a mutual exchange of ideas, experiences, and insights. More than a collection, however, this project is designed for intergenerational study and discussion. It offers a starting place for thinking about and moving towards the future together. Enter in and discover fresh wisdom, fresh thinking, and fresh ideas for the churches in the twenty-first century. From the Publisher

Chapter Summary: In light of growing religious pluralism in the United States, the idea of using LEGO as a way to approach the ever-evolving spirituality of young adults is approached from an Orthodox Christian perspective.

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