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This community resource was created as a component of my capstone project for the 2017-2018 pilot of the SPARC Open Education Leadership Program. My goal was to determine whether my institution was ready for a faculty OER grant program pilot and design one that would be both effective and sustainable. Over the course of the project, I found myself compiling the most important questions we at Gettysburg College needed to answer to determine whether and what kind of a grant program was best for us.

Part One of this resource is therefore an organized list of the questions I found most crucial in assessing whether such a program is the best next step for our campus and what it should look like if it is to be successful and sustainable. Part Two is a collection of online resources related to Open Pedagogy and the use of OER in the undergraduate classroom. Learning about the successful implementation of OER by their peers can be a very powerful argument for faculty. I therefore have included links to several websites and works that offer examples of open pedagogy in practice. Readers will also find resources that define Open Pedagogy and place it within the larger context of the Open Education movement. Finally, Part Three is comprised of the proposal I developed for a pilot grant program at Gettysburg College. Readers will also find links to the programs at other schools I found most helpful to consult while putting together my proposal.


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