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Student Research Paper

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Judaic Studies


I stood there, or rather wobbled, standing on a plastic chair, peering over the division of a wall. Three feet away, I saw a boy reading from the Torah. There were men embracing, women cheering from across the wall, and rounds of applause on both sides. I stepped down from the chair and glanced at the sky. In my view, a large barrier towered over me, piercing the blue-- the Western Wall. My haze was then suddenly interrupted by a woman frantically mounting the chair I had previously been standing on. She was desperate to get a view of the boy on his Bar Mitzvah day. Frazzled, I redirected my focus to a new woman with dark hair. She looked as if she was trying to jump across the barrier that separated the men from the women. It was her son’s Bar Mitzvah day, and all she could do was watch from afar. All I could do was watch from afar because I am a woman.


First place winner of the 2020 Georges Lieber Essay Content on Resistance.