Karenna Genzlinger: Class of 2014

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In the paper “What is special about the divisors of 24?”, Sunil Chebolu proved an interesting result about the multiplication tables of Zn from several different number theoretic points of view: all of the 1s in the multiplication table for Zn are located on the main diagonal if and only if n is a divisor of 24. Put another way, this theorem characterizes the positive integers n with the property that the proportion of 1s on the diagonal is precisely 1. The present work is concerned with finding the positive integers n for which there is a given fixed proportion of 1s on the diagonal. For example, when p is prime, we prove that there exists a positive integer n such that 1/p of the 1s lie on the diagonal of the multiplication table for Zn if and only if p is a Sophie Germain prime.

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