Traveling Waves for Conservation Laws with Cubic Nonlinearity and BBM Type Dispersion

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Scalar conservation laws with non-convex fluxes have shock wave solutions that violate the Lax entropy condition. In this paper, such solutions are selected by showing that some of them have corresponding traveling waves for the equation supplemented with dissipative and dispersive higher-order terms. For a cubic flux, traveling waves can be calculated explicitly for linear dissipative and dispersive terms. Information about their existence can be used to solve the Riemann problem, in which we find solutions for some data that are different from the classical Lax–Oleinik construction. We consider dispersive terms of a BBM type and show that the calculation of traveling waves is somewhat more intricate than for a KdV-type dispersion. The explicit calculation is based upon the calculation of parabolic invariant manifolds for the associated ODE describing traveling waves. The results extend to the p-system of one-dimensional elasticity with a cubic stress–strain law.


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