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Laura Amussen is an award-winning artist, the director of exhibitions and curator at Goucher College, and an educator at Towson University. From large-scale site-specific installations to intimate sculptures, Amussen’s work encompasses a broad range of concepts and media. Her background in the medical field instilled an innate sensitivity for the human condition; her works often explore the psychological realms of humanity. She creates projects that tell a story, evoking a sensorial and visceral response that is at once personal and communal. Viewing the act of making as a meditative and therapeutic process, Amussen often creates work that is layered and emotionally expressive in its density. Empathetic to difficult emotional terrain, Amussen seeks conceptual inspiration from people, histories, and personal experience which exist in the realm of the unspeakable or disowned. She is drawn to large-scale interventions created specifically for environments as a means to connect with a collective audience; yet offers space for individual contemplation. Her passion lies in the experience; the experience of researching, the experience of making, the experience of sharing.

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Laura Amussen, human condition, experience, nature, terrain, painting, sculpture