Interview Participants

Interviewee: Thomas Wolf, World War II Veteran and Government Official

Interviewer: Michael J. Birkner, Benjamin Franklin Professor of the Liberal Arts & Professor of History, Gettysburg College

Contributor: David Hedrick, Head of Special Collections at Musselman Library, Gettysburg College

Document Type

Oral History


Thomas Wolf was interviewed on December 29, 1994 & August 9, 1995 by Michael J. Birkner & David Hedrick about his service in World War II and involvement in the Nixon administration. He discusses his role in the Air Force Counterintelligence Corps during World War II, and his work with several government agencies, such as the Citizens of Eisenhower and the Office of Economic Opportunity. Wolf also describes the Watergate Scandal and his participation in the trial.

Length of Interview: 92 Minutes (Part 1), 47 Minutes (Part 2)

Collection Note: This oral history was selected from the Oral History Collection maintained by Special Collections & College Archives. Transcripts are available for browsing in the Special Collections Reading Room, 4th floor, Musselman Library. GettDigital contains the complete listing of oral histories done from 1978 to the present. To view this list and to access selected digital versions please visit --

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