Post-truth: Marcuse and New Forms of Social Control

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Post-truth political speech - the lies, disinformation, alternative facts, and propaganda that undermine rational discourse and political decision-making - operates to influence, obfuscate, and distract, executing messages and image content that allow for deniability, amplification, and distortion. Troll farms, targeted Facebook and Google ads, web brigades, Twitter bots, and other fake news production have proved able to disrupt elections, deliver votes on national referendums, accentuate social divisions, fuel racial animosity, and communicate fake news in coded speech that skillfully communications with targeted groups. As Malware does with its hostile software, fake news has its own executable code in viral contagion, video/audio manipulations, and active content that conceals intentionality and political will. In benign forms, fake news, coded memes, and image manipulation entertain- sharks swimming on flooded highways and Onion-like satire of political events- and blur the boundary of news and non-news.



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