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We present a CCD photometric survey of the central one-half degree of the old open cluster, M67, in U, B, V, and I colors to magnitude V=20. Extensive comparison of our photometry with other published datasets shows excellent agreement, indicating that CCD photometry is capable of producing a uniform set of measurements consistent with the photometric system defined primarily by the Landolt standard sequence. The color-magnitude diagram of the cluster shows a well-defined main sequence extending at least to the limit of the photometry at Mv=10.55 and a substantial binary sequence. At least 38% of cluster stars are binaries. The current generation of theoretical isochrones cannot be fit to the observed sequences with the observational errors. We find a tendency for more massive members of the cluster to be more centrally concentrated, along with a turnover in the cluster luminosity function at low masses, which may be due to dynamical relaxation of the cluster. To the limit of our photometry, we find a mass of the cluster of 724 solar masses. In addition, we present a sample of stars of well-determined standard magnitudes that are suitable as photometric standards for further studies of this cluster and for general calibration of UBVI photometry using CCDs. [excerpt]

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