Parity violation in neutron resonances of antimony and iodine

Y Matsuda, Kyoto University
J D. Bowman, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Bret E. Crawford, Gettysburg College
P P J. Delheij, TRIUMF
T Haseyama, Kyoto University
J N. Knudsen, Los Alamos National Laboratory
L Y. Lowie, North Carolina State University
A Masaike, Kyoto University
Y Masuda, National Laboratory of High Energy Physics
G E. Mitchell, North Carolina State University
S I. Penttila, Los Alamos National Laboratory
H Postma, Delft University of Technology
N R. Roberson, Duke University
S J. Seestrom, Los Alamos National Laboratory
E I. Sharapov, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Sharon L. Stephenson, Gettysburg College
Y-F Yen, Los Alamos National Laboratory
V W. Yuan, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Copyright held by American Physical Society. First published as Y Matsuda et al, Parity violation in neutron resonances of antimony and iodine, Physical Review C, 64, 015501, doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.64.015501.


Parity violation in p-wave neutron resonances of 121Sb, 123Sb, and 127I has been measured by transmission of a longitudinally polarized neutron beam through natural antimony and iodine targets. The measurements were performed at the pulsed spallation neutron source of the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center. Five statistically significant parity violation effects were observed in 121Sb, one effect in 123Sb, and seven effects in 127I. The weak interaction rms matrix elements and the corresponding spreading widths were determined.