Parity violation in neutron resonances of 117 Sn

D A. Smith, Los Alamos National Laboratory
J D. Bowman, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Bret E. Crawford, Gettysburg College
C A. Grossmann, North Carolina State University
T Haseyama, Kyoto University
Mikkel B. Johnson, Los Alamos National Laboratory
A Masaike, Kyoto University
Y Matsuda, Kyoto University
G E. Mitchell, North Carolina State University
V A. Nazarenko, Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute
S I. Penttila, Los Alamos National Laboratory
N R. Roberson, Duke University
S J. Seestrom, Los Alamos National Laboratory
E I. Sharapov, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
L M. Smotritsky, Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute
Sharon L. Stephenson, Gettysburg College
S Tomsovic, Washington State University
V W. Yuan, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Copyright held by American Physical Society. First published as DA Smith et al, Parity violation in neutron resonances of 117Sn, Physical Review C, 64, 015502 , doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.64.015502.


Parity nonconservation (PNC) has been studied in neutron p-wave resonances of 117Sn. The longitudinal asymmetries were measured for 29 p-wave resonances in the neutron energy range 0.8 eV to 1100 eV. Statistically significant PNC effects were observed for four resonances. A statistical analysis determined the rms weak mixing matrix element and the weak spreading width. A weak spreading width of Γw=(0.28-0.15+0.56)×10-7 eV was obtained for117Sn.