Akbar H. Rizvi: Class of 1999

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We present new spectroscopic and BVRI photometric observations of the double-lined eclipsing binary AV Del ( period = 3:85 days) conducted over six observing seasons. A detailed radial velocity and light-curve analysis of the optical data shows the system to be most likely semidetached, with the less massive and cooler star filling its Roche lobe. The system is probably a member of the rare class of ‘‘cool Algol’’ systems, which are distinguished from the ‘‘classical’’ Algol systems in that the mass-gaining component is also a late-type star rather than a B- or A-type star. By combining the spectroscopic and photometric analyses, we derive accurate absolute masses for the components of M1 = 1.453 + 0.028 M and M2 = 0.705 + 0.014 M and radii of R1 = 2.632 + 0.030 R and R2 = 4.233 + 0.060 R, as well as effective temperatures of 6000 + 200 and 4275 + 150 K for the primary and secondary, respectively. There are no obvious signs of activity (spottedness) in the optical light curve of the binary.



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