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Last spring I announced at a faculty meeting that a major theme for our campus this year would be diversity and inclusion. I’d like to add equity to that framework as well. This year I hope that we can develop a shared understanding of these topics and some goals to which we can aspire as a community.

Five years ago Gettysburg College established a set of four strategic directions to guide our planning and decision-making: Engagement, Distinction, Access, and Connection. At that time we described Access as our aspiration to “increase the diversity of the student body and create a campus environment that is accessible and welcoming to a diverse student body.” Now is the time to ask the Gettysburg College community to engage in thinking and discussion about how we might update and expand our approach to this strategic direction.

I understand that some members of our community might wonder why this is important. The answer is simple: to be a premier liberal arts college, to deliver a truly excellent educational experience to our students, we must increase our focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. This focus is essential to preparing our students for professional and civic lives of impact in this rapidly changing, multicultural, globally interconnected world. [excerpt]


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