Mawdudi’s Islamic Revivalist Ideology and the Islami Sangh Nepal

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This essay examines the ideological influence that the renowned Pakistani Islamic revivalist thinker Syyed Abul Ala Mawdudi has had upon Nepal’s most influential Islamic Revivalist organization, Islami Sangh Nepal, particularly in terms of the role of religious knowledge in the promotion of personal and collective identity. Mawdudi’s foundational role in the formation of what is now a global Islamic revival is well documented. Less understood, however, is the way in which Mawdudi’s ideology has shaped local identity movements and religious dispositions within Muslim minorities. This essay examines the nature and significance of Mawdudi’s salience for Nepal’s Islami Sangh Muslims. It aims to illustrate the ways in which Mawdudi’s ideology speaks directly to this group of Muslims who are navigating the complex ideological and activist worlds of global Islam from a local setting of political and social transition.

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