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The purpose of this study is to investigate and identify factors that influence 3rd person (singular and plural) subject expression in the spoken Spanish of New Mexico, with particular emphasis on the role of full NPs as subjects. Subject expression has been the topic of many linguistic studies, especially with respect to personal pronouns (Bayley & Pease Alvarez 1997; Bentivoglio 1987; Cameron 1994, 1995; Cameron & Flores 2003; Flores-Ferrán 2002; Silva-Corvalán 1994; Travis 2005, To appear). What distinguishes this investigation from other studies of subject expression is that it focuses on the third person, which is a more heterogeneous category than first or second person in that it encompasses many distinct types of subjects, both semantically (animate and inanimate, general and specific, etc.), and formally (full NP, pronoun and unexpressed). Additionally, the present study is concerned with the role of full NPs and particularly how full NPs contrast with other forms of third person subjects, namely pronouns and unexpressed subjects. [excerpt]


This paper was presented at the 9th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium in Somerville, Massachusetts in 2006.

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