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Spring 2014

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We as human beings create and put on hypothetical masks ever day in order to conceal parts about ourselves that cannot be seen just by looking at us. An initial interpretation of my piece might appear as an attempt at creating various types of decorative masks. But the focus of my work is to portray and reveal what actually lies beneath the surface of a person. The thoughts, feelings and emotions of a person can be the most beautiful part about them, yet we cannot always see or appreciate this beauty.
Through art I am able to give a physical representation to all the beautiful, dark, interesting, unexposed thoughts and emotions of a human being. The best way for me to accomplish this was in the most literal way I could think of, using the shape and form of the human head as my initial canvas. From here I used and manipulated various mediums to create my interpretation and give a physical representation to all that we choose to conceal and hide from the world around us.
The piece that I have created encourages myself and my audience to consider what is actually more intriguing and more beautiful: the mask that we create for ourselves on a daily basis, or all that the mask conceals?


Art, Head, Mind, Mannequin, Masks


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