Life Goes On

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Spring 2015

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From the Artist: How can you simultaneously celebrate someone as you grieve his loss? After his cancer prognosis took a turn for the worse, I spent the summer of 2014 with my father and with such questions.

The resulting series of work can be both haunting and celebratory. The pieces challenge the viewer to meet my father while also feeling his absence. All of the pieces are linked through a more conceptual meaning and value of time, allowing each viewer to have a personalized interpretation. Flexibility in media and format presents the public with a variety of ways to experience this body of work. By suggesting a presence or representing past moments, the work speaks to the pain that comes with losing someone as well as the joy of sharing the memories left behind.

Completing this series has given me an outlet to think abstractly about the various stages of grief and loss, while forcing me to confront anxieties I had previously ignored. The outcome is a body of work that allows the viewer to enter and exit safely, with a variety of emotions and new understandings of loss experienced in between.


grief, loss, memories, death

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