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Spring 2016

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From the Artist: This series of illustrative linoleum prints, titled The Lonely Witch, harkens back to my early sketches as an artistically curious child. Since then, my interest in cartoons and animated films has grown into a full-fledged passion for visual storytelling and character-driven narratives. As I began to develop my prints, I found myself sketching character designs and images from nature over and over again. These initial doodles led to the conception of my own idea for an illustrated children’s book, which I then used as the inspiration for these prints. The images are meant to provide a glimpse into a world that we, as viewers, can expand upon with our own imaginations. Through the art of printmaking, I was able to combine the illustrative quality of my designs with the meticulous process of carving away at linoleum blocks. The final product functions almost as a storyboard, and the images draw from key moments in the plot. Our melancholy and reclusive protagonist is forever changed when, during a walk in the woods, she stumbles across another young witch. The story focuses on the powerful effect of positive female relationships, as well as the importance of recognizing our inner strength and overcoming our anxieties in the process. While the original story was intended for children, these themes lend themselves to a wider audience of varying ages and backgrounds. The final result is graphic, monochromatic, and faithful to the sketches that inspired their creation.


Linocut, Printmaking, illustration