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Watching anyone struggle with mental health disorders should never be funny- and yet, in some instances, that’s exactly how it is viewed. Recently, celebrity Amanda Bynes was involuntarily committed to psychiatric hold for the second time in a year. This was following a series of very public tweets which clearly show instability in her mental health. One tweet in particular regarding a microchip she believes was implanted in her brain is markedly delusional. The media and public, however, have been sensationalizing and demoralizing her condition by treating it as just another piece of shocking celebrity news. Headlines like “Amanda Bynes’ craziest tweets”, “Amanda Bynes’ Odd Behavior Continues”, and “Amanda Bynes goes wild on twitter” are trivializing a serious situation. Any person who is involuntarily placed in a psychiatric hospital needs- and deserves- sympathy and understanding, so why is Bynes being viewed as a spectacle? [excerpt]


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