Border X-ing

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The sun out-stretched its bright arms in an embrace with the mesquite trees that beckoned upwards. The wind greeted the clothes drying upon delicate wire while my mother meticulously placed white towels in the light and the jeans under the shade of the Arizona Ash. The washboard sits upright in the bucket full of suds and other assorted laundry. Inside the shed there is both a working dryer and washer only a few years old, but she has chosen to do this chore outside. Here she can close her eyes and be back in Mexico with the dry heat and the dusty wind hitting against the houses of colorful concrete walls. She senses the animals of the ranch pecking at the maize that has been long picked since the harvest. She hears the commotion of the bar-b-que that is smoking next door at Tia Alaida’s house, a world that I have only visited a few times, never quite experiencing it as deeply as she. [excerpt]


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