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“What do you fear?”

“What is your weakness?”

Every time I get asked these questions, whether it’s by interviewers or friends, I dread every moment of it.

How can I possibly put into words the fear I live with every single day of my life?

How can I put into words the pain I feel inside of me to help you understand?

My parents have raised me to be the strong independent woman that I am.

They have taught me to discipline myself and always work 10x harder than everyone else.

They have warned me from a very early age about my status in this country.

Making me aware of the disadvantages I have, compared to my peers and why I needed to work harder.

But what they could not possibly prepare me for is feeling this fear when being away from them.

How could they possibly prepare me to not feel this fear inside of me?

How could they prepare me for that when they have raised me to be so strong? [excerpt]


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