This is an ongoing list of 2016 faculty publications that will be honored at the 2016 College Author Reception, in Musselman Library, March 2017.

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Seeing Things Differently: An Experimental Investigation of Social Cognition and Interpersonal Behavior in Anorexia nervosa, Suman Ambwani, Kathy R. Berenson, Lea Simms, Amanda Li, Freya Corfield, and Janet Treasure


Producing an Imperial Bridgehead: The Making of Abidjan in Ivory Coast, 1908-1955, Abou B. Bamba


Cyclic Critical Groups of Graphs, Ryan P. Becker and Darren B. Glass

Impulsivity, Rejection Sensitivity, and Reactions to Stressors in Borderline Personality Disorder, Kathy R. Berenson, Wesley Ellen Gregory, Erin Glaser, Aliza Romirowsky, Eshkol Rafaeli, Xiao Yang, and Geraldine Downey

Reading Amazon Fragments: Queering Shirley, Temma F. Berg


Mesenteric Vascular Dysregulation and Intestinal Inflammation Accompanies Experimental Spinal Cord Injury, Emily Swartz Besecker, Gina M. Deiter, Nicole Pironi, Timothy K. Cooper, and Gregory Michael Holmes


The Future of Civil War History, James J. Broomall, Peter S. Carmichael, and Jill Ogline Titus

Tongue and Taste Organ Development in the Ontogeny of Direct-Developing Salamander Plethodon Cinereus (Lissamphibia: Plethodontidae), Karolina Budzik, Krystyna Żuwała, and Ryan R. Kerney

Inherent Directionality Determines Spatial Release from Masking at the Tympanum in a Vertebrate with Internally Coupled Ears, Michael S. Caldwell, Norman Lee, and Mark A. Bee


Relevance, Resonance, and Historiography: Interpreting the Lives and Experiences of Civil War Soldiers, Peter S. Carmichael

Separation Anxiety: Mussels Self-Organize into Similar Power-Law Clusters Regardless of Predation Threat Cues, John A. Commito, Natasha J. Gownaris, Danielle E. Haulsee, Sara E. Coleman, and Brian F. Beal


"For Safety and For Liberty," The Devan Family of Gettysburg, Andrew I. Dalton

Testing Hypotheses for the Presence of the tRNA Genes in Mycobacteriophage Genomes, Veronique A. Delesalle, Natalie T. Tanke, Albert C. Vill, and Gregory P. Krukonis


Using the Variationist Comparative Method to Examine the Role of Language Contact in Synthetic and Periphrastic Verbs in Spanish, Jenny Dumont and Damián Vegara Wilson


The Return of the Poor Man: Jude the Obscure and Late Victorian Socialism, Suzanne J. Flynn

Exposure to SSRI-type Antidepressants Increases Righting Time in the Marine Snail Ilyanassa Obsoleta, Peter P. Fong, Taylor B. S. Bury, Elizabeth E. Donovan, Olivia J. Lambert, Julia R. Palmucci, and Stephanie K. Adamczak

Long-term Exposure to Gold Nanoparticles Accelerates Larval Metamorphosis Without Affecting Mass in Wood Frogs (Lithobates sylvaticus) at Environmentally Relevant Concentrations, Peter P. Fong, Lucas B. Thompson, Gerardo L.F. Carfagno, and Andrea J. Sitton

Restrictions on the Religious Practices of Religious Minorities: A Global Survey, Jonathan Fox and Yasemin Akbaba

Cholesterol Modifies Huntingtin Binding to, Disruption of, and Aggregation on Lipid Membranes, Xiang Gao, Warren A. Campbell, Maxmore Chaibva, Pranav Jain, Ashley E. Leslie, Shelli L. Frey, and Justin Legleiter


Towards the Collective Collection: Lessons Learned from PALCI’s DDA Pilot Projects and Next Steps, Jeremy Garskof, Jill Morris, Tracie Ballock, and Scott Anderson


Critical Groups of Graphs with Dihedral Actions II, Darren B. Glass


Long-Range Acoustic Interactions in Insect Swarms: An Adaptive Gravity Model, Dan Gorbonos, Reuven Ianconescu, James G. Puckett, Rui Ni, Nicholas T. Ouellette, and Nir S. Gov

Deviant Globalization: the Application of Strategic Landpower, Joel R. Hillison and Avram Isaacson

The British Publishing Industry and Commercial Memories of the First World War, Ian A. Isherwood

Coloration in Different Areas of Facial Skin is a Cue to Health: The Role of Cheek Redness and Periorbital Luminance in Health Perception, Alex L. Jones, Aurélie Porcheron, Jennifer R. Sweda, Frederique Morizot, and Richard Russell


Campesinos, Jóvenes e Inmigrantes: la Ecuación Liberal y Revolucionaria Chilena Frente al Estado de Sitio en la Carta a Francisco Bilbao (1852) de Santiago Arcos, Alvaro Kaempfer

Pedagogías del Despojo y Dispositivos Narrativos Coloniales: Rodolfo Lenz, el Temblor de Tierra, las Dudosas Fuentes del Desastre y la Cultura Mapuche, Alvaro Kaempfer


Implementing a One Address CPU in Logisim, Charles W. Kann

“It is Just Another Test They Want to Do”: Patient and Caregiver Understanding of the Colonoscopy Procedure, Evelyn C. King-Marshall, Nora Mueller, Amy B. Dailey, Tracy E. Barnett, Thomas J. George, Shahnaz Sultan, and Barbara A. Curbow


A Mutation in LTBP2 Causes Congenital Glaucoma in Domestic Cats (Felis Catus), Markus H. Kuehn, Koren A. Lipsett, Marilyn Menotti-Raymond, S. Scott Whitmore, Todd E. Scheetz, Victor A. David, Stephen J. O'Brien, Zhongyuan Zhao, Jackie K. Jens, Elizabeth M. Snella, N. Matthew Ellinwood, and Gillian J. McLellan

The Truth about Parmenides' Doxa, Christopher Kurfess

Communal Eating and Drinking in Early Roman Mediterranean France: A Possible Tavern at Lattara, c. 125–75 BC, Benjamin P. Luley and Gaël Piquès


Bah Humbug: Unexpected Christmas Cards and the Reciprocity Norm, Brian P. Meier


The Influence of Safety, Efficacy, and Medical Condition Severity on Natural v. Synthetic Drug Preference, Brian P. Meier and Courtney M. Lappas

Sex Differences in the Perceived Dominance and Prestige of Women With and Without Cosmetics, Viktoria R. Mileva, Alex L. Jones, Richard Russell, and Anthony C. Little

Probing for Binding Regions of the FtsZ Protein Surface through Site-Directed Insertions: Discovery of Fully Functional FtsZ-Fluorescent Proteins, Desmond A. Moore, Zakiya N. Whatley, Chandra P. Joshi, Masaki Osawa, and Harold P. Erickson


How Voters Hold the European People’s Party Accountable in European Parliament Elections, Douglas D. Page


Evolution of Network Architecture in a Granular Material Under Compression, Lia Papadopoulous, James G. Puckett, Karen E. Daniels, and Danielle S. Bassett


Hearing in the Juvenile Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas): A Comparison of Underwater and Aerial Hearing Using Auditory Evoked Potentials, Wendy Dow Piniak, David A. Mann, Craig A. Harms, T. Todd Jones, and Scott A. Eckert

Conservation-Induced Resettlement as a Driver of Land Cover Change in India: An Object-Based Trend Analysis, Rutherford V. Platt, Monica V. Ogra, Ruchi Badola, and Syed Ainul Hussain


Digital Peacekeepers, Drone Surveillance and Information Fusion: A Philosophical Analysis of New Peacekeeping, Lisa Portmess and Bassam Romaya

Using GIS and Streamlined Landforms to Interpret Palaeo-Ice Flow in Northern Iceland, Sarah M. Principato, Alexis N. Moyer, Alyson G. Hampsch, and Heather A. Ipsen

Does Transition Experience Improve Newcomer Performance? Evidence From the National Basketball Association, Joseph R. Radzevick


Extending Invitations, Becoming Messmates, Alison M. Reynolds and Brent C. Talbot


Long-term Recovery from Acute Cold Shock in Caenorhabditis Elegans, Joseph D. Robinson and Jennifer R. Powell


Rumination and Performance in Dynamic, Team Sport, Michael M. Roy, Daniel Memmert, Anastasia Frees, Joseph R. Radzevick, Jean Pretz, and Benjamin Noël

The Manifestation of Stress and Rumination in Musicians, Michael M. Roy, Joseph R. Radzevick, and Laura Getz


Becoming a Scientist: Using First-Year Undergraduate Science Courses to Promote Identification with Science Disciplines, Chloe Ruff and Brett D. Jones

Facial Contrast is a Cue for Perceiving Health from the Face, Richard Russell, Aurélie Porcheron, Jennifer R. Sweda, Alex L. Jones, Emmanuelle Mauger, and Frederique Morizot


Unearthing the Fossorial Tadpoles of the Indian Dancing Frog Family Micrixalidae, Gayani Senevirathne, Sonali Garg, Ryan R. Kerney, Madhava Meegaskumbura, and S. D. Biju


From Clinging to Digging: The Postembryonic Skeletal Ontogeny of the Indian Purple Frog, Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis (Anura: Nasikabatrachidae), Gayani Senevirathne, Ashish Thomas, Ryan R. Kerney, James Hanken, S. D. Biju, and Madhava Meegaskumbura

From Heavy Beads to Safety Pins: Adornment and Religiosity in Hindu Women’s Pote Practices, Megan Adamson Sijapati and Tina Harris


A Brain Motivated to Play: Insights into the Neurobiology of Playfulness, Stephen M. Siviy

Rough-and-Tumble Play as a Window on Animal Communication, Stephen M. Siviy, Elisabetta Palagi, Gordon M. Burghardt, Barbara Smuts, Giada Cordoni, Stefania Dall'Olio, Hillary N. Fouts, Milada Řeháková-Petrů, and Sergio M. Pellis

Neutron Correlations in the Decay of the First Excited State of 11Li, Jenna K. Smith, Thomas J. Baumann, Daniel Bazin, James Brown, Paul A. DeYoung, Nathan H. Frank, Michael D. Jones, Zack Kohley, Bryan A. Luther, B. S. Marks, Artemis Spyrou, Sharon L. Stephenson, Michael R. Thoennessen, and Alexander S. Volya


A Three-Fold Approach to the Heat Equation: Data, Modeling, Numerics, Kimberly R. Spayd and James G. Puckett


Economic Costs and Benefits of a Community-Based Lymphedema Management Program for Lymphatic Filariasis in Odisha State, India, Eileen Stillwaggon, Larry Sawers, Jonathan Rout, David Addiss, and LeAnne Fox

Fighting Civil Rights and the Cold War: Confederate Monuments at Gettysburg, Jill Ogline Titus

Collateral Damage or Shadow of Safety? The Effects of Signaling Heterospecific Neighbours on the Risks of Parasitism and Predation, Paula A. Trillo, Ximena E. Bernal, Michael S. Caldwell, Wouter H. Halfwek, Mallory O. Wessel, and Rachel A. Page

Regional Variability in Extinction Thresholds for Forest Birds in the North-Eastern United States: An Examination of Potential Drivers Using Long-Term Breeding Bird Atlas Datasets, Ynzte van der Hoek, Andrew M. Wilson, Rosalind Renfrew, Joan Walsh, Paul G. Rodewald, Jennifer Baldy, and Lisa L. Manne

Feeding the Fire: Food and Reciprocity Among the Dene, David S. Walsh


A Neocolonial Warp of Outmoded Hierarchies, Curricula and Disciplinary Technologies in Trinidad’s Educational System, Hakim Mohandas Amani Williams


Online Mapping Tools for Geolocating Amish Settlements, Andrew M. Wilson, Brian J.B. Lonabocker, and Megan E. Zagorski


Between Foucault and Derrida, Yubraj Aryal, Vernon W. Cisney, Nicolae Morar, and Christopher Penfield


Machito and His Afro-Cubans: Selected Transcriptions, Paul Austerlitz and Jere Laukkanen

African Miracle, African Mirage: Transnational Politics and the Paradox of Modernization in Ivory Coast, Abou B. Bamba

The Way of Nature and the Way of Grace: Philosophical Footholds on Terrence Malick's 'The Tree of Life', Jonathan Beever and Vernon W. Cisney


En Busca de la Ciudadanía: Los Movimientos Sociales y la Democratización en la República Dominicana, Emelio R. Betances

Popular Sovereignty and Constituent Power in Latin America: Democracy from Below, Emelio R. Betances and Carlos Figueroa Ibarra

The Poetics of Chinese Cinema, Gary Bettinson and James N. Udden

Going to the Source: The Bedford Reader in American History, Victoria Bissell Brown and Timothy J. Shannon


Third Person References: Forms and Functions in Two Spoken Genres of Spanish, Jenny Dumont


The Goddess: Myths of the Great Mother, Christopher R. Fee and David Leeming

American Myths, Legends, and Tall Tales: An Encyclopedia of American Folklore, Christopher R. Fee, Jeffrey Webb, Danielle R. Dattolo, Emily A. Francisco, Bronwen Fetters, Jaime Hillegonds, and Andrew Wickersham

Whites Recall the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham: We Didn’t Know It Was History Until After It Happened, Sandra K. Gill


Jesusmania!: The Bootleg Superstar of Gettysburg College, Devin McKinney

Ecocriticism and Indigenous Studies: Conversations From Earth to Cosmos, Salma Monani and Joni Adamson

Early Modern Dynastic Marriages and Cultural Transfer, Joan-Lluís Palos and Magdalena S. Sanchez


The Midlife Crisis of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, Peter J. Pella

Circles on the Mountain: Bosnian Women in the Twenty-First Century, Janet M. Powers and Marcia Prozo


Gendered Geographies in Puerto Rican Culture: Spaces, Sexualities, Solidarities, Radost A. Rangelova

Religion and Modernity in the Himalaya, Megan Adamson Sijapati and Jessica Vantine Birkenholtz

Perfect Joy: 30 Days with Francis of Assisi, Kerry S. Walters

St. Teresa of Calcutta: Missionary, Mother, Mystic, Kerry S. Walters

China Reinterpreted: Staging the Other in Muromachi Noh Theater, Leo Shingchi Yip

Book Chapters

Animism and Anxiety: Religious Conversion Among the Kelabit of Sarawak, Matthew H. Amster

James Buchanan, 1791-1868, Michael J. Birkner


All the World Is Shining, and Love Is Smiling through All Things: The Collapse of the "Two Ways" in 'The Tree of Life', Vernon W. Cisney


The Biology of Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium, Kay Etheridge

The History and Influence of Maria Sibylla Merian's Bird-Eating Tarantula: Circulating Images and the Production of Natural Knowledge, Kay Etheridge

Four Roads to Emancipation: Lincoln, the Law, and the Proclamation, Allen C. Guelzo


You Say Bully, I Say Bullied: School Culture and Definitions of Bullying in Two Elementary Schools, Brent D. Harger

Vernacular Architecture: Insights into Practice, Identity, and Relationships in Pre-Columbian Societies in the Americas, Julia A. Hendon

British Memoirs and Memoirists of the Great War, Ian A. Isherwood

El crimen de la guerra, de Juan Bautista Alberdi: "Sólo en defensa de la vida se puede quitar la vida", Alvaro Kaempfer

Nuestro Mayo de 1960, Chile: Cronicas de la Catastrofe del Sesquicentenario, Alvaro Kaempfer

Science Fiction, Westerns, and the Vital Cosmo-ethics of The 6th World, Salma Monani

The Rise of the Precariat? Unemployment and Social Identity in a French Outer City, John P. Murphy

Mamma Roma e la patria sottoproletaria, Christina Petraglia

‘She Grows Careless’: The Infanta Catalina Micaela and Spanish Etiquette at the Court of Savoy, Magdalena S. Sanchez

Iroquoia, Timothy J. Shannon

Modern Religiosities and Religious Modernities: Views from the Himalaya, Megan Adamson Sijapati


Composing/Arranging Familiar Songs in Choir with GarageBand, Brent C. Talbot


Discourse Analysis, Brent C. Talbot

America Abandoned: German-Jewish Visions of American Poverty in Serialized Novels by Joseph Roth, Sholem Asch, and Michael Gold, Kerry Wallach

Babylon Inna Hopiland: Articulations of Tradition and Social Injustice by the Hopi Reggae Musician Casper Loma-da-wa, David S. Walsh


Lingering Colonialities as Blockades to Peace Education: School Violence in Trinidad, Hakim Mohandas Amani Williams

Conference Proceedings


A Cow, a Car, and the Shadow of the Past: Sebastián Borensztein’s Un Cuento Chino and Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino, Isabel Valiela

Encyclopedia Articles

Civil War Termination, Caroline A. Hartzell


Eine Neue Ära, Utz Rachowski and Michael Ritterson