The Lincoln Highway: Coast to Coast from Times Square to the Golden Gate

By Michael Wallis and Michael S. Williamson (WW Norton, New York and London, 2007 293 pages includes bibliography)

The book is divided into chapters by state following the highway from east to west. It is lavishly illustrated with color images of stops on the journey from the early days to the present. Of course, the roadway in Adams County is today US Route 30 and passes through the borough of Abbotstown to the western end of the county near the Michaux State Forest. Adams County highlights include Hub Cap City in New Oxford and the famous Round Barn built by Aaron Sheely in 1914. Readers will enjoy the images and stories of the roadway so adeptly woven in the tight narrative by the authors. The Lincoln Highway they note, until the creation of the nation's first limited assess highway, the Pennsylvania Turnpike in 1940 was the heart and soul of the nation. In Adams County it contributed much to the development of Gettysburg as a tourist destination. Wallis and Williamson make the reader rethink that next trip. Why be in a hurry? Stop and smell the roses. Some of the best part of American culture is still visible off the beaten path. Everyone who reads this work can't help but enjoy it. [excerpt]