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In the aftermath of the anniversary celebrations held to commemorate women's right to vote, it is fitting to remember an Adams county resident who figured prominently in the most militant phase of the suffrage campaign-Lavinia Lloyd Dock.

Lavinia Dock was born February 26, 1858, the second child of Gilliard and Lavinia Lloyd Bombaugh Dock. Gilliard, who had attended Gettysburg College, was a well-to-do engineer and machinist. Both parents were liberal in their views. Lavinia said that "Father had some whimsical masculine prejudices, but Mother was broad on all subjects and very tolerant and charitable towards persons." Although the family, eventually numbering five daughters and one son, grew up in this parental atmosphere that encouraged enlightened thinking, nothing in Lavinia's privileged life gave any hint of the distinguished if unusual career that she would make for herself. [excerpt]