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This is a transcript of Thomas Barton's report to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1756,

"It gives me a real concern that I have never been able to send you any Account since I enter'd upon my Mission till now. Our Distresses Here have been such, that in short, I knew not what to write or what to do: These Considerations will I hope still support me in your Esteem, & incline the Honorable Society to Pardon me. - As I intend to be the more particular now, to atone for my past Silence; I foresee a long Letter, & must therefore bespeak your Indulgence.-

After a short & very agreeable Passage, I arriv'd at Philadelphia about the 16th of April 1755; And immediately wrote to the People of Huntington, who came generously with their Waggons, & brought away my Effects.- As soon as I settled my Affairs & visited my Friends, I set out for this Place about the latter End of May; where I was receiv'd with a hearty Welcome; and was much pleas'd to find the poor People fill'd with Gratitude, under a due Sense of the weighty Obligations they were under to the Honorable Society for the Favours confer'd upon them.- And what pleas'd me still more, was, to hear that they had struggled hard to keep alive some Sense of Religion among their Children, by meeting every Sunday & getting one of the Members to read Prayers to them.-" [excerpt]