Musselman Library celebrates the scholarly and creative works of Gettysburg College faculty, staff and students. These authors published between January 1 and December 31, 2018, and will be honored at the College Authors Reception held in March, 2019. The reception is sponsored by the Provost’s Office and Musselman Library and includes a display of the authors’ works.

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Valuation Structure in Incomplete Information Contests: Experimental Evidence, Diego Aycinena, Rimvydas Baltaduonis, and Lucas Rentschler

Exposure to the Antifouling chemical Medotomidine Slows Development, Reduces Body Mass, and Delays Metamorphosis in Wood Frog (Lithobates Sylvaticus) Tadpoles, Janine M. Barr, Julia R. Palmucci, Olivia J. Lambert, and Peter P. Fong


A Case Study of the Ethanol CleanCook Stove Intervention and Potential Scale-Up in Ethiopia, Megan L. Benka-Coker, Wubshet Tadele, Alex Milano, Desalegn Getaneh, and Harry Stokes


Identification of Mental States and Interpersonal Functioning in Borderline Personality Disorder, Kathy R. Berenson, Cara L. Dochat, Christiana G. Martin, Xiao Yang, Eshkol Rafaeli, and Geraldine Downey

Attributions for Rejection and Acceptance in Young Adults with Borderline and Avoidant Personality Features, Kathy R. Berenson, Olga U.A. Nynaes, Emily S. Wakschal, Laura M. Kapner, and Erin C. Sweeney

"Not so Fine": Governor John Fine and the 1952 Republican Presidential Nominating Struggle in Pennsylvania, Michael J. Birkner


The Battle FDR Lost:The Failed Nomination of Boss Ed Flynn as Minister to Australia, Michael J. Birkner


Counting Arithmetical Structures on Paths and Cycles, Benjamin Braun, Hugo Corrales, Scott Corry, Luis David Garcia Puente, Darren B. Glass, Nathan Kaplan, Jeremy L. Martin, Gregg Musiker, and Carlos E. Valencia


Sphingomyelin and GM1 Influence Huntingtin Binding to, Disruption of, and Aggregation on Lipid Membranes, Maxmore Chaibva, Xiang Gao, Pranav Jain, Warren A. Campbell, Shelli L. Frey, and Justin Legleiter

What Happens After Mussels Die? Biogenic Legacy Effects on Community Structure and Ecosystem Processes, John A. Commito, Brittany R. Jones, Mitchell A. Jones, Sondra E. Winders, and Serena Como


Migrant Farmworkers' Perceptions of Pesticide Risk Exposure in Adams County, Pennsylvania: A Cultural Risk Assessment, Micaela S. G. Edelson, Salma Monani, and Rutherford V. Platt

Differential Sensitivity to the Antifouling Chemical Medetomidine Between Wood Frog and American Toad Tadpoles with Evidence for Low-dose Stimulation and High-dose Inhibition of Metamorphosis, Peter P. Fong, Olivia J. Lambert, Margot L. Hoagland, and Emily R. Kurtz


Efficacy of Online Training for Improving Camp Staff Competency, Barry A. Garst, Ryan J. Gagnon, and Alice M. Brawley


The Melting ‘Crown of the Continent’: Visual History of Glacier National Park, Dori L. Gorczyca, Salma Monani, and Sarah M. Principato

Seeing Odors in Color: Cross-Modal Associations in Children and Adults from Two Cultural Environments, Nathalie Goubet, Karine Durand, Benoist Schaal, and Daniel D. McCall

Lincoln’s Statesmanship in Navigating a Divided Nation, Allen C. Guelzo


Slotted Rotatable Target Assembley and Systematic Error Analysis for a Search for Long Range Spin Dependent Interactions from Exotic Vector Boson Exchange Using Neutron Spin Rotation, C. Haddock, Bret E. Crawford, W. Fox, I. Francis, A. T. Holley, Scott W. Magers, M. Sarsour, W. M. Snow, and J. Vanderwerp

A Weight–Related Growth Mindset Increases Negative Attitudes Towards Obese People, Nic Hooper, Alison Crumpton, Michael D. Robinson, and Brian P. Meier

Spatial Analysis of Cirques from Three Regions of Iceland: Implications for Cirque Formation and Palaeoclimate, Heather A. Ipsen, Sarah M. Principato, Rachael E. Grube, and Jessica F. Lee

Development and Validation of the Single Item Trait Empathy Scale (SITES), Sara Konrath, Brian P. Meier, and Brad J. Bushman

Forum: Feminism in German Studies, Elizabeth Loentz, Monika Shafi, Faye Stewart, Tiffany Florvil, Kerry Wallach, Beverly Weber, Hester Baer, Carrie Smith, and Maria Stehle

Foie Gras in the Freezer: Picard Surgelés and the Branding of French Culinary Identity, John P. Murphy


Music Theory and the Epistemology of the Internet; or, Analyzing Music Under the New Thinkpiece Regime, William O'Hara

Males Prefer Younger Females: Age Preference Among Online Daters in the Dominican Republic, VoonChin Phua, Chrisbell Jimenez Sosa, and Katie Aloisi


Estimating the Creation and Removal Date of Fracking Ponds Using Trend Analysis of Landsat Imagery, Rutherford V. Platt, David Manthos, and John Amos


Collective Gradient Sensing in Fish Schools, James G. Puckett, Aawaz R. Pokhrel, and Julia A. Giannini

Editorial, Linda Haverty Rugg and Salma Monani


Confluences and Crossbloods on Turtle Island, Stephanie A. Sellers

Effects of Neonatal Handling on Play and Anxiety in F344 and Lewis Rats, Stephen M. Siviy


Congenital Chagas Disease in the United States: Cost Savings Through Maternal Screening, Eileen Stillwaggon, Victoria Perez-Zetune, Stephanie R. Bialek, and Susan P. Montgomery

Enhanced Ordering in Monolayers Containing Glycosphingolipids: Impact of Carbohydrate Structure, Erik B. Watkins, Shelli L. Frey, Eva Y. Chi, Kathleen D. Cao, Tadeuesz Pacuszka, Jaroslaw Majewski, and Ka Yee C. Lee



The Complete Chopin Etudes, Jocelyn Swigger


The Politics of Water in the Art and Festivals of Medici Florence: From Neptune Fountain to Naumachia, Felicia M. Else


Reconstruction: A Concise History, Allen C. Guelzo


Relational Identities and Other-Than-Human Agency in Archaeology, Eleanor Harrison-Buck and Julia A. Hendon

Ancient China and its Eurasian Neighbors: Artifacts, Identity, and Death in the Frontier, 3000-700 BCE, Katheryn M. Linduff, Yan Sun, Wei Cao, and Yuanqing Liu

The Continuing Quest for Missile Defense: When Lofty Goals Confront Reality, Peter J. Pella

Indian Captive, Indian King, Timothy J. Shannon


On the Borders of the Academy: Challenges and Strategies for First-Generation Graduate Students and Faculty, Alecea Ritter Standlee

Book Chapters


Becoming Part of the Conversation through Assessment of Undergraduate Library Internships, Clinton K. Baugess and Kathryn Martin

Can the Philanthropic Imperative Enhance International Health Care?, Paul Carrick

Loving Glacier National Park Online: Climate Change Communication and Virtual Place Attachment, Salma Monani, Sarah M. Principato, Dori L. Gorczyca, and Elizabeth A. Cooper

Jitterbuggers, Sugar Plums, and a Geisha: Dancing Nexus in Japanese American Incarceration Facilities of World War II, Marta Robertson


Understanding HIV/AIDS in the African Context, Eileen Stillwaggon and Larry Sawers

Powerless Heroines: Gender and Agency in DEFA Films of the 1960s and 1970s, Henning Wrage



Review of Golem: Modern Wars and Their Monsters by Maya Barzilai, Temma F. Berg