Musselman Library celebrates the scholarly and creative works of Gettysburg College faculty, staff and students. These authors published between January 1 and December 31, 2021, and will be honored at Ovation in September 2022. The reception is sponsored by the Provost’s Office and Musselman Library and includes a display of the authors’ works.

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Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions by An Inter-Temporal Policy Mix: An Experimental Investigation, Tiho Ancev, Rimvydas Baltaduonis, and Elizabeth Immer-Bernold


Diversity and substrate-specificity of green algae and other micro-eukaryotes colonizing amphibian clutches in Germany, revealed by DNA metabarcoding, Sten Anslan, Maria Sachs, Lois Rancilhac, Henner Brinkmann, Jörn Petersen, Sven Künzel, Anja Schwarz, Hartmut Arndt, Ryan R. Kerney, and Miguel Vences


Inequitable Impacts of Textbook Costs at a Small, Private College: Results from a Textbook Survey at Gettysburg College, Sarah Appedu, Mary Elmquist, Janelle Wertzberger, and Sharon K. Birch

Professional Versus Self-Applied Makeup: Do Makeup Artists Add Value?, Carlota Batres, Aurélie Porcheron, Sandra Courrèges, and Richard Russell

Impact of the Wood-Burning Justa Cookstove on Fine Particulate Matter Exposure: A Stepped-Wedge Randomized Trial in Rural Honduras, Megan L. Benka-Coker, Bonnie N. Young, Joshua P. Keller, Ethan S. Walker, Sarah Rajkumar, John Volckens, Nicholas Good, Casey Quinn, Christian L'Orange, Zachary D. Weller, Sebastian Africano, Anibal B. Osorto Pinel, Jennifer L. Peel, and Maggie L. Clark


Altered Physiology of Gastrointestinal Vagal Afferents Following Neurotrauma, Emily N. Blanke, Gregory M. Holmes, and Emily M. Besecker


Presidential Use of Diversionary Drone Force and Public Support, Scott S. Boddery and Graid G. Klein

Trait Mindfulness is Negatively Associated With Distress Related to COVID-19, Amanda J. Dillard and Brian P. Meier


What Shall We Call God? An Exploration of Metaphors Coded From Descriptions of God From A Large U.S. Undergraduate Sample, Adam K. Fetterman, Nicholas D. Evans, Julie J. Exline, and Brian P. Meier

Leveraging Individual Differences To Understand Grounded Procedures, Adam K. Fetterman, Michael D. Robinson, and Brian P. Meier

Effects of Affirming Values on Self-Compassion and Mental Health Treatment Stigma., Jill Glazer, Tommi Oleson, Cindy Campoverde, and Kathy R. Berenson

Work Environment and Workers’ Smoking: The Impact of Affect and Social Support Among Korean Workers, Gihwan Gu, Jaein Lee, and Myoungjin Lee


The Primarily Undergraduate Nanomaterials Cooperative: A New Model for Supporting Collaborative Research at Small Institutions on a National Scale, Steven M. Huges, Mark P. Hendricks, Katherine M. Mullaugh, Mary E. Anderson, Anne K. Bently, Justin G. Clar, Clyde A. Daly Jr., Mark D. Ellison, Z. Vivian Feng, Natalia I. Gonzalex-Pech, Leslie S. Hamachi, Christine L. Heinecke, Joseph D. Keene, Adam M. Maley, Andrea M. Munro, Peter N. Njoki, Jacob H. Olshansky, Katherine E. Plass, Kathryn R. Riley, Matthew D. Sonntag, Sarah K. St. Angelo, Lucas B. Thompson, Emily J. Tollefson, Lauren E. Toote, and Korin E. Wheeler


Neutrophil Dynamics Affect Mycobacterium tuberculosis Granuloma Outcomes and Dissemination, Caitlin Hult, Joshua T. Mattila, Hannah P. Gideon, Jennifer J. Linderman, and Denise E. Kischner


Paris, the End of the Party in Alberto Blest Gana's Los Trasplantados, Alvaro Kaempfer


Developing Inside a Layer of Germs—A Potential Role for Multiciliated Surface Cells in Vertebrate Embryos, Ryan R. Kerney


Complete Genome Sequence of the Pantoea Phage AH07, Gregory P. Krukonis, Sam J. Roth, and Veronique A. Delesalle

‘Youth of the World, Unite So That You May Live’: Youth, Internationalism, and the Popular Front in the World Youth Congress Movement, 1936–1939, Kevin Lavery

Measurements of the 5D∘4−5P3 Transition of Singly Ionized Atomic Iodine Using Intermodulated Laser Induced Fluorescence, Matthew J. Lazo, Thomas E. Steinberger, Timothy N. Good, and Earl E. Scime


Individual Differences in Social Play Behaviour Predict Alcohol Intake and Control Over Alcohol Seeking in Rats, Heidi M. B. Lesscher, E. J. Marijke Achterberg, Stephen M. Siviy, and Louk J. M. J. Vanderschuren

Sappho's Mythic Models for Female Homoeroticism, Rachel H. Lesser

Making it happen: Keeping precarious workers’ experiences central during COVID-19, Sergio M. Marquez, Jo M. Alanis, and Alice M. Brawley Newlin

Social Psychology and COVID-19: What the Field Can Tell Us About Behavior in a Pandemic, Brian P. Meier, Corey L. Cook, and Kate Faasse

Be Responsible? Priming “Responsibility” and the Bystander Effect in a Field Setting, Brian P. Meier, Michael B. Kitchens, Danielle E. Kupersmith, Kristie E. Houck, Nevada S. Keyton, Sydney E. Petrasic, Ethan H. Schultz, Sierra S. Sheriff, Mathew M. Simmers, John O. Underwood, Sara Walker, and Daymond N. Zweizig

Crafting National Memory from News: Lope de Vega’s La nueva victoria de don Gonzalo de Córdoba, Christopher C. Oechler

“Hoy escribiré una carta”: The News of Siege Warfare in Calderón’s El sitio de Bredá, Christopher C. Oechler

A temporal study on subordinate’s response to destructive leadership: voice withdrawal as a conflict coping mechanism, Agrata Pandey, Ranjeet Nambudiri, Patturaja Selvaraj, and Ashish Sadh

Introduction: Ruminations on the ‘F’ and ‘B’ Words, Timothy J. Shannon


Systematic Anecdotal Records: An Unexpected Journey into Teacher Inquiry, Divonna M. Stebick and Jonathan Hart

(mis)Management of multiple tensions and coexisting conflicting dualities during restructuring: a paradox theory perspective from an emerging economy, Nobin Thomas, Rajesh Kaduba Mokale, and Patturaja Selvaraj

Queer and Trans Necropolitics in the Afterlife of U.S. Empire, Gina Velasco


Rafael Petitón Guzmán: A Dominican Musical Treasure on the World Stage, Rafael Petitón Guzmán, John Bimbiras, Paul Austerlitz, and Porfino Piña


The Flowering of Ecology: Maria Sibylla Merian's Caterpillar Book, Kay Etheridge

Mesoamerican Archaeology: Theory and Practice, 2nd edition, Julia A. Hendon, Lisa Overholtzer, and Rosemary A. Joyce


It's Funny 'Cause It's True: The Lighthearted Philosophers’ Society’s Introduction to Philosophy through Humor, Jennifer Marra Henrigillis and Steven Gimbel


Introduction to Assembly Language Programming: From Soup to Nuts: ARM Edition, Charles W. Kann

Gettysburg 1963: Civil Rights, Cold War Politics, and Historical Memory in America’s Most Famous Small Town, Jill Ogline Titus


Adapting: A Chinese Philosophy of Action, Mercedes Valmisa

Book Chapters

Engaging with Diversity Through Technology, Yasemin Akbaba and Filiz Başkan

Practicing the Self, Paul Austerlitz

Displacing the French? Ivorian Development and the Question of Economic Decolonisation, 1946–1975, Abou B. Bamba

The Long Civil War: New Explorations of America’s Enduring Conflict, Michael J. Birkner

Household Archaeology and the Ancient Maya, Julia A. Hendon

Memoirs: Negotiating the Great War’s Social Memory, Ian A. Isherwood

Chile, 1833: Debate Mediático, Relato Político y Continuidad Institucional, Alvaro Kaempfer

Indigenous Media: Dialogic Resistance to Climate Disruption, Salma Monani, Reneta Ryan Burchfield, Danika Medak-Saltzman, and William Lempert

The Composer as Master of Development, William O'Hara

Courage, Cynthia L. S. Pury, Alice M. Brawley Newlin, Emily A. Burnett, and Shane J. Lopez

Embodied Perspectives on Personality, Michael D. Robinson, Adam K. Fetterman, Brian P. Meier, Michelle R. Persich, and Michael R. Waters

Jim Jarmusch's Paterson: Poetry, Place, and Cinematic Form, Jack Ryan


Peer Research Mentors at Gettysburg College, Meggan D. Smith, Mallory R. Jallas, Clinton K. Baugess, and Janelle Wertzberger

Investigar en el contexto de las humanidades digitales y del español LE/L2, Beatriz Trigo


Access Challenge for Public Health Students, Janelle Wertzberger and Amy B. Dailey


Review of Jay Howard Geller, The Scholems: A Story of the German-Jewish Bourgeoisie from Emancipation to Destruction, Kerry Wallach