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In January Term of his senior year, Gettysburg College history major Gregory J. Landrey ‘77 took an individualized study course under Professor Charles Glatfelter. His project—an up-to-date chronicle of the college’s real estate history including land purchases, demolished buildings, and recent construction projects—entailed extensive research in numerous college offices, as well as at the Adams County Historical Society. As the project proceeded, it also expanded, ultimately taking the entire spring semester to complete.

Landrey’s final 68-page paper, titled A History of the Gettysburg College Campus, was submitted on May 27, 1977. Recognized as an important addition to the chronicles of the college, it was duplicated, bound, and added to Schmucker (now Musselman) Library’s general and special collections. Glatfelter later acknowledged Landrey’s work in his definitive institutional history, A Salutary Influence: Gettysburg College, 1832-1985 (1987). Today the Landrey monograph is frequently consulted by students in connection with their own college history projects.

This collection contains, in addition to a few photocopied documents, Greg Landrey’s handwritten notes, survey drawings, and index cards. It also includes the complete holographic draft of A History of the Gettysburg College Campus.

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November 2015


Gettysburg College, real estate history, Charles Gladfelter


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MS-187: Papers of Gregory J. Landrey, Class of 1977