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This collection is made up of artifacts relating to the American Civil War. It includes both items from the Civil War era and postwar items. The wartime artifacts were collected by Rev. Dr. Schlack in order to reflect the items a Union soldier would have interacted with in their daily life. The collection of wartime artifacts includes items such as a Springfield rifled musket, a knapsack, and a dice cup with dice. The collection of postwar artifacts relates more broadly to war memory and commemoration, and includes items such as paper souvenir fans from the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and postwar lithographic prints. This collection provides excellent examples of Civil War related material culture, though the items are not specifically linked to one soldier or individual. The collection as a whole reflects the personal interests and efforts of Rev. Dr. Schlack as a collector over the course of many years.

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May 2019


Civil War, Material Culture, Soldier Life, Post Civil War


History | Military History | Social History | United States History

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Finding Aid

MS-227: Theodore Schlack, Class of 1950 Civil War Artifact Collection